I’m stuck in a rut. How do we figure out what I want to do?

There are 16 types of career industries, 6 types of career interests, and 3 types of internal motivations. We quickly map out who you are and where you belong in the world based on these dimensions. Because of my background in psychology and yoga, I can understand your true nature, identify your blind spots, and show you just how brilliant you really are! I believe you already have everything you need to be successful. All you need is your ideal work and work family to show you work can be fun!

But don’t just take my word for it. I’ll teach you how to research and confirm these ideas we discuss. It’s important that you feel empowered each step of the way, learning how to make these important career decisions so you feel confident and excited about what’s next. These tools should have been taught in school, and I’m here to teach them to you now so you’ll have them for the rest of your life. The average American has 15-25 different careers in their lifetime. Let’s make your career journey incredible!!

What is your success rate?

This is a good question and difficult to measure. It’s hard to quantify people’s hopes and excitement, renewed sense of self, and confidence about their career paths. Career Zen has 100+ five-star reviews on Yelp and Google, and that’s because I tailor our work to each client’s unique situation. The outcome is laser focused to exactly what they need to succeed. My experience is that once every few years my approach doesn’t fully help a client reach their goals; therefore we work together to find a better fit someplace else.

Is this career counseling or career coaching?

Career Zen consultations are 5x faster than traditional career counseling or coaching! The pricing reflects the accelerated nature of my work.

My doctorate is in counseling psychology and I have extensive training in yoga. Over the years I have been able to integrate more Eastern spiritual philosophies into my work, making these short-term consultations much more focused on education and inspiration. To me, information is power and from there you can make bold, authentic choices for yourself. I have developed a unique approach to career guidance that usually only requires one or two meetings to help you reach your goals. After helping over 12,000 people with their careers over the past 15 years, my zen radar is pretty finely honed!

The clients who get the most out of working with Career Zen tend to be tired of feeling unfulfilled and confused, are educated and ‘successful’ by the standard definition but know that something is missing, have tried on their own to figure this out but still feel lost, are motivated to finally get their career questions answered, and/or have experience with yoga and meditation. These are by no means requirements for working with Career Zen— just a snapshot of my clientele.

If you have major life concerns that are impeding your overall fulfillment, please address these first with a counselor. It’s hard to make important career decisions when other areas of your life are weighing you down. If you feel intensely stalled and could use a 3-6 month package to keep you accountable with action plans, then career coaching would be a good option for you. I'm happy to offer recommendations for both counselors and coaches. 

What does your process look like?

In just 1 or 2 consultations, my goal is to get you to the next level of success as quickly as possible. Clients learn about the core of who they are, efficient strategies to implement, and are excited about their future!

Here are some examples of how I tailor my work with clients:

~ Beginning a session with guided meditation or gentle yoga for relaxing the mind and body

~ Hands-on activities like the Career Card Game and Points of You coaching cards

~ Trusted career assessments like the Strong Interest Inventory and CliftonStrengths

~ Incorporating angel cards and aromatherapy for additional support and guidance

~ Sharing techniques from The 10 Day Career Cleanse and personalizing a program for your lifestyle

~ Offering next steps, resources, connections, and check-in calls to stay on track

Do you have any books you can recommend to get started?

Here are some of my favorite resources: My Career Story is a free e-workbook to explore your career interests and values. I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was is helpful in identifying why you may be feeling stuck. Finding Your Own North Star is an inspiring way to listen to your true self. Playing Big empowers women to step into their careers with confidence. And The 10 Day Career Cleanse: Find Your Zen at Work is designed for everyone to have joy and lightness at work; it’s a helpful foundation if you’re feeling stressed at work, unhappy in your current job, or actively job searching.

My situation is pretty unique. How can I be sure you can help me?

Every one is different and I’d love to hear more about your situation. Over the years, I’ve been able to assist many types of people in different career situations. From 16 year olds trying to decide on college majors, to 30 year olds finding fulfilling work, from 60 year olds retiring from their first career, to 80 year olds needing their resume revamped! Sometimes Career Zen is a perfect fit and sometimes it’s not— I don’t take it personally. It’s important to me that you find the guidance right for you and I’m happy to recommend other colleagues to better meet your goals. Request a free 20-min phone consultation to learn more about my approach and see if it would be beneficial for your situation.

Money is tight right now. Are your classes REALLY donation based?

Yes! Information is power and I never want finances to get in the way of people gaining career insight and direction. These group classes are really informative, dynamic, and supportive. We have a great time learning together and helping each other out. It feels good knowing you’re not the only one who has career confusion :) Pay whatever amount you want to donate. Each month’s collection then goes onto the next class’ tuition. You are truly paying it forward and helping your community enhance their career zen. Thank you for being part of this cycle of giving and receiving! Career Clarity Classes, Job Search Classes, and What Do I Want to Do? workshops are offered regularly— dates and details are listed on each page and you can register online.

I went to Career Zen in search of answers, and left with so much more.
— Sarah