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Wishing your loved one could have more career fulfillment and inner joy? Share the gift of zen with a service that best fits their needs. Gift cards never expire and can be used interchangeably with any of these services. Your loved one will be emailed an attractive e-card with a personalized message from you!


What Do I Want To Do? ($50, 90 mins)- Fun, interactive workshop to answer the ultimate question of what you want to do. Includes career card game, vision statement creation, and personalized resources.

Career Clarity Class ($99, 3 hrs)- Career ideas and direction through small group discussion, values activity, and tailored resources and next steps.

Job Search Class ($99, 3 hrs)- Job search strategies, hidden job market tips, resume and cover letter templates, LinkedIn profiles, and positive mindset!

Resume Updates ($249, 60 mins)- Modernized resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn with line-by-line editing and guided feedback. (This is an editing service, not resume writing.)

Career Zen Session ($249, 60 mins)- East meets West approach to career guidance and inspiration. Move confidently on the right path, wherever you are on your journey.

Career Exploration Package ($485, 2.5 hrs)- Explore the 500,000+ career options, learn where you really belong, and how to get there. Our most popular service!

Job Search Package ($485, 2.5 hrs)- Applying but not getting noticed? Learn the most best strategies for job search, and modernize your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn.

Career Complete Package ($888, 5 hrs)- Our most comprehensive service! Get the Career Exploration Package + Job Search Package at a discounted rate. (This is the whole enchilada)

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