Dr. Chang has been a public speaker for more than 15 years, presenting to thousands on a variety of career and wellness topics. Her style is engaging, down-to-earth, light hearted, and encouraging. Dr. Chang is a teacher and life-long student, incorporating cutting edge research and spiritual insights into her work. 



What if every day was full of laughter, joy, and peace? Your work can be a ZEN FIESTA and we can show you how!

Create more control and inner fulfillment when everything around you is stressful and chaotic. Use simple techniques based on yoga, meditation, neuroscience, positive psychology, NLP, and Reiki to create more happiness in the office, improve your quality of work, increase productivity, and foster positive relationships around you.

This hilarious and fun presentation is in special collaboration with Carolina Pérez, M.A. of Radiant Expansion.

Presentation customizable, typically 1-2 hours. 

Books from both authors available for special event price. 

I love the idea that no matter what is going on around me, I can control the happiness within me. It’s much easier than worrying about or trying to control everything else!
— Sue, ZEN FIESTA presentation


Begin today to find your zen, no matter where you are.

Based on Dr. Chang's book, this presentation experientially walks you through how to infuse more joy and light into your work day while feeling more relaxed and productive! Each moment is a choice and we can choose Joy, even if your current work situation is stressful or going through organizational changes. Dr. Chang has compiled and created mind-body techniques for an office setting and invites you to try them for 10 days. 

These techniques are fun and easy! Uplift your career to a whole new level.

Presentation customizable, typically 45-90 mins. 

Books are available for a special event price. 

We learned techniques that we can easily take back to the office and incorporate into our busy days to improve our mood, to recharge, and to increase our productivity. Very simple but very effective!
— Kyle, 10 Day Career Cleanse presentation


Avoid the common mistakes.

Learn the Top 5 ways to succeed in college while avoiding the pitfalls most students make. Choose a great major, discover your career path, and have fun!

find your Life purpose

Our job is to be of service to others.

What eludes us is the "how." What makes you unique? What are your gifts and talents? How will you better the world? Come explore with us!



Get more done with less effort!

De-stress and learn relaxing techniques for increased productivity, creativity, and enjoyment at work! Requires little to no prep, skills, or equipment. 



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The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy. They come when the mind is still, when silence speaks loudest.