Saturday april 28, 2018

 illustration by Jon Muth,  Zen Shorts

illustration by Jon Muth, Zen Shorts

You are invited to a Day of Zen.

Get centered in your zen den where the comforts of home and the simplicity of nature marry. Surround yourself with trees, deer, and new friends for a nourishing day of physical rest, delicious food, and career inspiration. 

End your day with an optional field trip to Chinatown where you'll dine on authentic Dim Sum and receive an acupressure foot massage!

Leave feeling confident about your path, and refreshed in your mind and body.



From time to time it is wise to reflect on your career: How do I fine tune my work? Am I on the right path? Am I fulfilled? How can I enjoy my career more? What drains or stresses me? Wherever you are on your path, CAREER ZEN can offer guidance, support, and insight. 

You'll receive individual consultation time as well as group discussions around your career issues. Get advice, grow your network, and find resources. Feel immense encouragement and support as you move forward along your career journey.


Your busy and demanding schedule gives you little chance to slow down, much less pause. But what if you could slip into that sweet, still spot effortlessly? What if you could do less and get more done? Use yoga and meditation to tap into the true source of all your answers: You!

Learn to de-stress at work with Dr. Chang's Career Cleanse. Try these wellness techniques and see how joy flows as a result of more rest. When you learn to trust yourself, all the answers to your career questions come forth. 



Being zen also means eating zen. Are you pressed for time to prepare something healthy? Do you have carb cravings and energy slumps? Dr. Chang has been studying the art of healthy eating and is eager to teach you her shortcuts. 

Enjoy a delicious and completely customizable Buddha bowl lunch. Learn how to make time-saving green juices. And end the day with a trip to Chinatown for Dim Sum! Leave with a happy belly and happy heart.


  • Organic green juices, detox smoothies, and hot tea 
  • Meditations for energy protection from toxic people
  • Restorative yoga poses for work and home 
  • Individual and small group career discussions
  • Career activities, theories, and resources 
  • Healthy buddha bowl lunch and clean snacks
  • Silent shamanic walking meditation on nature trail
  • Autographed copy of "The 10 Day Career Cleanse" 
  • Panda tote bag with self-care goodies
  • Optional trip to Chinatown for Dim Sum and Massage
 illustration by Jon Muth

illustration by Jon Muth



In this 1-day 'zen-tensive' receive the benefits of a 3-day weekend retreat: 

rest, insight, inspiration, reflection, community, connection, and nourishment. 


WHO: 4 individuals destined to zen together

WHEN & where: saT april 28. 

10am-4pm @ career zen home office

OPTIONAL 4pm-7pm @ mt chinatown

cost: $199 for day retreat

+$50 FOR CHINATOWN TRIP (dim sum dinner and foot massage included)



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Foods and beverages are made with love by Lynn, and are free of grains, gluten, dairy, sugar, and meat. For dim sum, please let us know if you have special dietary needs.