High School and College Students


What am i going to do for the rest of my life?

Students often feel pressured to know now what they want to be in life. Actually, I think NOT knowing is great. It's important to wonder and explore before confirming a decision. I teach a discovery process that can be fruitful and fun if you know the steps.

  • Make major/career decisions based on your unique talents and interests

  • Most people can only name a few careers: doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer... There are 500,000+

  • Get exposure and knowledge of all options before making an informed decision

  • The average millennial will have 15-20 different careers in their lifetime, not just one or two

  • Grad school is a great option for some but not all

  • Let's approach this decision with curiosity and experimentation as you find your place in the world

Dr. Chang’s honest yet gentle approach nudged me out of the box I had created for myself. Today I have passion and confidence in the career path that I love!
— Melanie
Not all who wander are lost.
— JRR Tolkien