“Lynn is different from other career coaches I have hired because she uses a unique combination of professional knowledge of what it takes to find a job with intuitive, multi-dimensional practices to discover a life purpose that provides abundant financial benefits.”


“At the time I was a stay-at-home dad who had lost his way professionally. I did all sorts of research into different careers and read all manner of articles and career advice, but the only thing that helped to clarify my thinking was Lynn and Career Zen. Now, I'm enjoying my job in a way that I've never before enjoyed working. I am convinced that I would not be where I am today without Lynn's help.”


“I sought out Lynn's services after feeling hopeless about making a complete career shift and left with a renewed sense of self and a lot of excitement. My mindset has completely changed since our meeting and for the first time in a long time, I don't feel trapped anymore. I greatly appreciated the sincere effort and focus during our session and the follow up recommendations and guidance.”


“Lynn is a gem of a career counselor. She works intuitively and logistically with you to figure out what might help you the most in your career search and brings an uplifting and fresh outlook toward helping you find the work that you will love. I have referred her multiple times to friends with great feedback because she is so good at her work. Thank you so much Lynn! ”


“Lynn gave me the courage and self-confidence to take the risk of pursuing what I was truly interested in. It's been several years, and I am doing exactly what I dreamed of doing! I am so happy that I am doing what I love.”


“I attended her Career Zen Class which consisted of working with a group of 5 people, and with the help of Lynn, we found answers not just with questions about our careers but with life also! Lynn handled our questions and concerns with wisdom and compassion and by the end of the session, really helped open my eyes and gave me a fresh perspective on how to pursue and develop myself on a professional and personal level too.”


“Lynn is a master at what she does. She really helps you connect to your inner-self and brings out what is calling. She truly is a zen career master. I left feeling more clear with action steps to take. Suddenly I don't feel as lost as I thought I was. Thank you Lynn!!! Can't wait to see where this road leads...”


“Lynn is AMAZING! She helped me when i was at an all time low on the job hunt. She helped restore my confidence in one only one session.  Within less than 3 weeks of meeting with her, I got my absolute dream job!!!”


“Wow! Lynn's career clarity class was such a wonderful experience. It was organic, intuitive, and insightful. And at the same time, it was scientific and thorough. I highly recommend her services.”


“I found a job very soon after meeting with Lynn and also have a new found outlook on how to approach my career journey. I highly recommend Lynn to anyone feeling lost on their path or needing support while exploring new job possibilities.”


“Lynn is great! My experience with her was not only extremely authentic, enjoyable, and relaxing, but extremely efficient! She truly has a way of helping you to sort through all of your interests and goals in order to help you to define your next career step.”


“I’m very excited to put what I learned in our session together into practice. Career Zen has armed me with knowledge about myself, and I believe, empowered me to pursue the best career path possible.”


“Lynn is a great coach! She motivated me to so many heights, and gave me the best advice on where to take my career change to a new direction! The positive outlook she gives you on the great opportunities out there is mind blowing!”


“Within moments of meeting Lynn I knew she was one of my soul sisters and the universe brought us together for a reason. It was astounding to see how her exercises so simply and precisely gave me my life’s meaning.”


“I’m ready for my next professional adventure, and despite my own self doubts and fears, Lynn has been a steadfast rock for me throughout my journey. I am extremely grateful that I have Lynn as an advocate in my life!”