by Lynn Chang, Ph.D.

As stressful and challenging as your job is, you can begin today to love your work and find fulfillment in life. The 10 Day Career Cleanse is an invitation to infuse more joy into your workplace. 

Incorporating ideas from PSYCHOLOGY, NEUROSCIENCE, YOGA, AND MINDFULNESS, this book will guide you through 21 different techniques in 10 days to feel lighter, happier, and more productive at work! 



DAY 1: INNER WORLD- Don't like your current circumstances? Change your inner world to change your reality. 

DAY 2: CREATE TIME- Never say you don't have enough time. Learn how to expand time and go with the flow.

DAY 3: GET UNSTUCK- Stuck in a rut? Try some fun strategies to shake things up today and see what happens!

DAY 4: DETACH- It's never personal. Take an objective step back and see things for what they really are. 

DAY 5: IMAGINE- What if you could daydream your perfect world into existence? 

DAY 6: PLAY- We take ourselves too seriously. Inject some play, and dance your worries away! 

DAY 7: ALLOW- What if you did less and actually got more done? It's possible. 

DAY 8: GRATITUDE- Oprah was right all those years ago. Gratitude is the way to go! 

DAY 9: COMPASSION- At the end of the day, we're all in this together. Give compassion to yourself and to others.

DAY 10: GENEROSITY- What if you paid it forward? And someone else paid it forward? Start a ZEN chain! 


Follow the guided meditations, yoga demos, and career advice on Career Zen's YouTube Channel!

This book is delightfully creative, meaningful and useful. What worked for me was to read a chapter a day and reflect on how to apply each lesson to my life. I especially enjoyed various exercises and the Notes and Doodles section to jot down phrases or draw pictures and let the messages sink in.
— Nancy
The 10 Day Career Cleanse truly delivers! I believe if you stick with this book for the full 10 days YOU WILL find your Zen at work! I love Dr. Chang’s writing style and the format of this book; which provides easy to understand, yet profoundly transformative thoughts and wellness techniques for each day.
— Kim




When you realize that everything springs only from yourself,
you will learn both peace and joy.
— The Dalai Lama