Lynn has a special gift to help others see their full potential and to pursue their dreams, no matter how far out of reach they may seem.
— Adelia

You were placed on this planet for a reason. your purpose is to be of service to others. are you using your gifts to better the world?

If you need a career overhaul and don't know where to begin, this is the package for you. Take some time to reflect on who you really are and your place in this world. Don't worry, it's a process. Dr. Chang will show you how to look for clues all around you. 

When you've explored and confirmed your path, Dr. Chang will walk you through the job searching process. From resumes and cover letters, to LinkedIn and beyond. Feel completely supported during your entire process. 

This is Career Zen's most comprehensive service. It's completely customizable to your needs and career situation. Let's dive into your dreams and unleash the possibilities! 


What's includeD:

Career Exploration Package + Job Search Package

  • Two meetings in person or online

  • Complete attention to your career needs

  • Paced to your schedule and timetable

  • Concrete ways to understand your place in the world

  • Strong Interest Inventory to explore possibilities

  • CliftonStrengths to inspire confidence and clarity

  • Research tools and strategies to confirm ideas

  • Connection to Dr. Chang's network

  • Strategic and smart ways to job search

  • Meditation and spiritual tools for staying positive

  • Job Search Packet with guidance, examples, and tips

  • Detailed reviews of resume, cover letter, LinkedIn

  • Strong mindset to remain positive and zen

  • Wellness Kit (details below)

$888 for two 2.5 hr meetings + Wellness kit + 2 check ins

(On a budget? Mix and match with our donation-based classes)


career zen valueS YOUR holistic health and wellness. As A COMMITMENT TO YOUr HEALTH GOALS, you will receive a Wellness Kit full of inspiration, samples, and offerings to live your best life!

5 Star Amazon book by Dr. Chang

5 Star Amazon book by Dr. Chang


Receive an autographed copy of The 10 Day Career Cleanse! Dr. Chang wrote this book for you to stay uplifted long after your session is done. By following these wellness techniques for work, you can stay in a confident, peaceful, and joyful place— the perfect way to attract more positivity into your life.

Each day focuses on a different theme, such as Creating Time, Getting Unstuck, Offering Compassion, Detaching, Playing, and Allowing. Dive into all 21 techniques in 10 days or find your favorites and create your own routines. Be proactive in creating the career you’ve always dreamed of. No more waiting for something to eventually come and make you happy. The time is now!

Your 10 Day Career Cleanse book comes with a Career Zen tote bag and cute plush panda (while supplies last).


Dr. Chang has partnered with these amazing wellness colleagues to offer Career Zen clients special pricing, discounts, samples, and more! Your Wellness Kit, worth over $100 in savings, will include offerings from a constellation of these wellness businesses. Have a favorite you’re interested in? Request it for your Wellness Kit!

Your Wellness Kit includes a sampling of these wonderful offerings!

Your Wellness Kit includes a sampling of these wonderful offerings!


Discuss your unique concerns, receive advice, and learn about Dr. Chang's approach in this 20-minute phone call. 


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Now, I’m enjoying my job in a way that I’ve never before enjoyed working. I am convinced that I would not be where I am today without Lynn’s help. Her methods are subtle and in some ways unexpected, but if you are willing to be honest with yourself and to apply some critical thinking, she can provide practical, concrete guidance that will serve you well.
— Josh